The Batting Cage.

So I had an experience.
A few weekends ago I was meeting my daughter and her mom at the batting cage. With some miscommunication, I waited at the wrong location for over 20 minutes .
As I sat in my car, annoyingly awaiting for them to arrive, I saw a family walk towards their cars, out of the batting cage. A woman pushing a stroller- I presumed mom. A younger boy- about 7. A preteen girl with a grown man walking next to her – I presumed dad.
Everyone loaded into an SUV that was parked a car over from me. Everyone except for dad that is. He got into a sporty little Honda parked between the SUV and me.
What happened next left me dumbfounded because I’ve been in that same situation. To see it happen and to witness the kids being affected by this was just eye opening. But like I said, I’ve been there.
Mom starts her car.
Dad starts his car.
The little boy sits behind the passenger seat and appears to be upset.
Mom says towards dad’s car, “He’s upset because we’re not going to have dessert.“
Dad replies, “What? Jimmy, stop crying. That’s no reason to cry!”
Mom, “Well, maybe you shouldn’t of said it if it wasn’t going to happen?”
Dad, “Are you seriously mad at me for that? I was trying to think of something fun for us to do after eating. I was trying to be pro-active with us doing stuff together.“
Mom, “Then why is he crying?”
Dad sticking his head out towards the car, (both mom’s SUV and dad’s Honda are running while there communicating) “ What? I can’t hear you?”
Dad tells the little boy, “That’s enough. Stop crying now or I’ll give you something to cry about!”
Mom, “So now your making it worse.”
Dad, “What am I doing? What do you want me to do then?”
Dad tells the little boy, “I promise we’ll  got get ice cream another time.”
The teenager sitting in the front passenger seat, appears very annoyed and bothered with the whole situation.
Mom says something to the dad but very hard to hear over both car engines and his radio playing.
Dad, says “ I have no idea what you just said.”
Mom screams back, “I’ll text you.”
So they converse for the next few minutes via text while sitting in their vehicles, that are parked right next to each other, with both cars still running.
Dad, “I have no idea what you’re last text meant.”
At this point I was able to figure out which batting cage my daughter and her mom were located so I drove away.
Took me a while to fully understand what I had just witnessed, while sitting in the parking, waiting to hear from my ex wife.
I was that man, back when my ex and I were dealing with our child custody issues. I would rather have her talk over the engine than give in to her needs.
I was too full of pride, and not to mention hostility towards her.
Luckily that ended several years ago.
We have our moments. Annoyances surface again. But that’s better than anger and hostility.
What were their kids thinking?
Like the baby in the stroller, my daughter was to young to see our major fights or blowouts. But those two kids saw the whole thing. What did they think


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