Oh well.

A few days ago I met a woman on one of those ‘quick judge’ dating sites. You know, you either swipe right to like, or left to not. Well, we both swiped right.
We messaged back and forth for a few days before exchanging numbers. Then the text messages started.
We were doing 30 to 50 messages a day. Honestly, I was intrigued.
She was sarcastic, educated, employed (wish sadly isn’t the norm on those sites), and very attractive.
I was hopeful for a meeting after the holidays. And the awesome thing was that she was too, dropping hints about hoping it’s sooner than later.
Then it stopped.
She went out of town for New Years but we were still messaging. And as of New Years Day I’ve received 3 messages. That’s it.
Ok, I can take a hint. No more interest, got it.
But I’m not the only one finding that pretty damn blunt right?
It’s not like we were dating or anything. We hadn’t even met. Not one actual phone conversation.
But being totally honest here, her change left me bewildered.
This isn’t the new norm with dating right?
Maybe she was arrested?
Maybe she was looking for a side thing?
Maybe she decided that she was actually in love with her neighbor, who does drug runs to El Paso?
Or maybe she just didn’t like me?
Who cares.
It didn’t work out (even before it started).
Fuck it. Her loss.