Sunday Bliss.

There’s a calmness to a Sunday evening.
Dishes are done, laundry is finishing up and the evening is done. Tomorrow starts another 5 days filled of work, karate, softball and errands. So in anticipation to the busy week I’m chilling listening to Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, writing to you guys and hoping for the future.
   I had a conversation with a friend today. She asked me why I’m hopeful for another relationship. That my efforts have always ended sadly or dramatically. “Why do you want to go through all that again?”, she would openly and honestly ask of me. My response is usually the only one I can openly and honestly say without hesitation. “Because there’s no better drug than the butterflies that flutter in the middle of my chest whenever I get to meet  someone new.”
   So I’ll check out my eharmony account, send out a few messages. And then off to bed I go, reluctantly wanting this classic Sunday evening to come to an end.
   Maybe tomorrow I’ll meet someone new. Or maybe I won’t. But if I’m lucky I’ll have another classic Sunday, just like tonight next weekend.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Bliss.”

  1. i always felt that during the first throes of a beautiful romance the person I mostly fell in love with was myself. I felt reborn, rejuvenated and other worldly……..for a short time. Then that little voice appeared making me fearful that once they actually discovered who I really was It would become apparent that I was a total fraud. Despite finding the love of my life who is beyond my wildest dreams in every respect, I still after many years search for that elusive love affair with myself. Am I suffering from Kardashianitus? Always looking for validation outside of myself? What say you, she of much wisdom.

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