The Virus.

I hate being sick.
About a week a ago I developed a cough. Slowly it grew into a wet cough with throbbing head, runny nose and aching muscles. And now I’m sick. But what’s worse than being a sick adult?
Being a sick single parent.
My daughter’s 10 so she’s pretty self sufficient. She actually made me some tea this morning (so blessedšŸ˜). But as any single (or married parent) knows, being sick while taking care of a kid sucks.
So this was my morning.
My daughter’s mom and step dad are out of town till Monday. I’m watching my daughter plus her little brother. Also, watching their two dogs. So taking care of the kids isn’t hard at all. They’re pretty good at self distracting. However one of their digs, she’s pretty needy.
After being outside for 20 minutes, she comes inside and decides to go right #2 right in front of me.
“Ok, the dog has issues. Don’t make it worse by yelling. Calm down.”
So I put the stressed out pup in her cage, hoping it helps.
It doesn’t.
She proceeds to throw up twice. But not in her cage, oh no. That would be to easy to deal with. She does it at an angle that it all hits the carpet. Yes, she shot the projectile vomit throw the cage so it would land outside her cage.
Well played dog, well played.
So after cleaning up the mess I’m left with taking care of the kids.
They both just said that they’re stomach hurts.
Kill me now…..


Irene Diaz 3/24

I don’t usually write about musicians. I’m not that big on live shows but every now and then a particular show comes up that gets me pretty excited. 

     Irene Diaz is a Los Angeles indie artist that I strongly recommend everyone check out live. Honestly, I can’t go on enough about her voice. Actually I’ll let her do the talking.

Irene Diaz Tiny Desk

I can’t say anything to do her justice. 

So anyone in Albq on 3/24 – GO SEE THIS AMAZING SINGER!

Afternoon Date.

I’m not big on the huge Disney Machine.
I’ve spent my share, several thousand of dollars to be exact, supporting their movies, theme parks and other merchandise. About ten years worth. So when I heard about the live action Cinderella movie, well I expected another Frozen, where I chucked and smiled every now and then while my daughter stared intensely at everything on screen. But this time turned out be different. I asked her about watching the movie with me and she responded half enthusiastically.
    See my daughter has now turned (recently it would seem to me) into a young lady. Her time is still enjoyed watching cartoons from time to time but honestly she would rather be making YouTube videos, be at karate practice or painting her nails with mom.
   So we walked up to the theatre, agreeing we would spend our Daddy-Daughter time watching this film.
   Another part of me was hesitant about exposing my daughter to another film where all the leads are lacking any skin color. I had heard some of the reports about how some groups were viewing the lack of ethnicity in the film as another way the big companies seem to keep the colors separated. But my film choices were either Cinderella or Chappie. And I know I wouldn’t be able to handle Chappie, let alone my sensitive but maturing ten year old  daughter.
   Well I’m glad to say that we had a blast.
During the flick we talked about the scenes, joked about “what ifs” and had an overall good time. The film was great, with both of us laughing and smiling through out the film. Even though Cate Blanchett was evil ( I still love you Cate) she wasn’t over the top scary. She was genuinely an evil step mother but also very human. The prince wasn’t annoyingly overly charming. And I found the supporting cast to be greatly diversified. The retelling was great and the effects were amazing (as always from Disney).
Over all, we loved it.
I recommend it to any single dad’s, single moms, family getaways or even adult date nights.
And a word of advice to all those who complained about the lack of diversity and color in the film. Don’t take it so serious, it’s only a fairly tale.

Work Crush.

While in training at my new job I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing supervisor. Well, she actually came in to do a presentation to the entire class. All 29 of the new trainees. So I didn’t technically meet her. But I wanted to. She was funny, confident, beautiful dorky in the ‘I don’t care what people think of me’ way. I was captivated. The whole presentation I was hanging on her every, technical jargon word.

Anyways, training went on and I would see glimpse of her every now and then. I’m a grown man but I had to come to the realization that I was developing a crush on a total stranger.

So now week three.

I go in to work, do my thing and leave. Nothing special except for a few moments everyday where I seem to zone out for a minute and I imagine running into her in the hall on the way to the break room. Or I catch a glimpse of her, knocking me out of any mental thought I happen to be in at that moment. And I imagine myself talking to her. What would I say? Would I react normal?

Then as quick as the moment started its over. She’s gone, I’m where I was heading or someone says something in response to our conversation we were having. And my day goes on.

So at 39 I have a crush. Wow. Talk about maturity coming in late.

Liar Liar … is it getting hot in here?

Recommend you read “Let’s Play the Lying Game!” beforehand. Another hilarious post!


untitled (3)Last week I provided you guys with four short stories about my life and asked you to figure out which one was the lie.

Story #1 ā€” I hit a moose with my carĀ but was saved by some kind ofĀ divine intervention? True. Snicker all you want but I actually did hear a voice cut through my own thoughts andĀ itĀ told me to slow down and brake right before impact. I donā€™t really care if you believe me or notĀ because I was there and it happened.Ā Have I ā€œheardā€ any voices since then? Sadly, no. I kind of wish that voice would have come back last week andĀ warned meĀ not to wearĀ leggings out in public but you canā€™t have everything.

Story #2 ā€” Our house was haunted by some old farmer so I basically told him to kindly get lost (and go toward the light blah, blah etc.) only to find out instead heā€¦

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Sunday Bliss.

There’s a calmness to a Sunday evening.
Dishes are done, laundry is finishing up and the evening is done. Tomorrow starts another 5 days filled of work, karate, softball and errands. So in anticipation to the busy week I’m chilling listening to Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, writing to you guys and hoping for the future.
   I had a conversation with a friend today. She asked me why I’m hopeful for another relationship. That my efforts have always ended sadly or dramatically. “Why do you want to go through all that again?”, she would openly and honestly ask of me. My response is usually the only one I can openly and honestly say without hesitation. “Because there’s no better drug than the butterflies that flutter in the middle of my chest whenever I get to meet  someone new.”
   So I’ll check out my eharmony account, send out a few messages. And then off to bed I go, reluctantly wanting this classic Sunday evening to come to an end.
   Maybe tomorrow I’ll meet someone new. Or maybe I won’t. But if I’m lucky I’ll have another classic Sunday, just like tonight next weekend.