I’ve been up since 5 am and the third season of House Of Cards has come out. I’m trying my hardest not to sit in front of the TV for the next 13 hours and give in to my obsession. See, I have a problem. I binge watch Netflix episodes.

Portlandia- apparently during one of the hours watching the new season I forgot to wish my girlfriend at the time a happy birthday. Probably seeing her would have been a better. But see, I had originally started with that idea. A nice dinner, small gift and maybe a movie. Something small and sweet. But after considering my options (and watching a few episodes) I figured a call in the morning would be just as sweet. Especially with her busy schedule. Then I figured I would call her later in the afternoon. OK, I totally didn’t realize that I had lost half the day. She would probably be busy with all the well wishes and fun anyways. Well, I forgot entirely. But in my defense, watching several hours of a TV is exhausting. I was totally ready for bed.

Breaking Bad- was whole other experience. I didn’t go to work for an entire week. I never really got in to the craze when it originally started. So right before the last episode premiered I decided to watch the first episode. Six days later I emerged out of my home with a scruffy beard and squinting from being in direct sunlight for the first time in days. I miss you Walt.

Spaced- was another bad experience. I think I had court? I’m not sure. But I did find out that my license had been revoked a year later.

So here’s my dilemma.

If I try to host one show, I’ll have to watch the ENTIRE 3rd season. Why? Because it’s readily available for me to enjoy!

It’s like a drug dealer sitting patiently outside your door, waiting for you to ask for another hit. And it’s such a sweet buzz. OK, I’m being dramatic. But it seriously is addictive. Especially in our current society where we need instant gratification.

Post a picture on Facebook and we eagerly await likes. Retweets are like badges of honor. I don’t know how the hell Reedit works. But you get what I’m saying.

So I’m being strong by not. Hold on…. Ok I started watching the first episode… I’ll finish this post later. I promi


Movies for your ears.

I’ve always been a fan of a good, engulfing story. Be it from a TV show, movie, random stranger that I met while riding the 60 Long Beach RTD. Where ever it comes from, a good story can affect you. Change you. Make you better.
Well sadly I’m not a fan of TV. I don’t have cable and I can’t do reality TV (which I just got to say isn’t reality at all. They dress up these scenarios to be fictional and false. All to create drama and stupidity. Reality TV make people stupid. Ok I’m done). I can’t always afford the movies and rentals can get expensive. So that leaves me the wondrous world of podcast.
I discovered podcast pretty late. I heard This American life and I was instantly hooked. Since then I’ve branched out to a few different routes but staying close to storytelling. So Today I just had to share some of my passions. My list of top 5 Pod-casts. Yes, a list made for the dramatic world of Reddit.
No, actually I’m doing this because I really do love these shows. They help me zone out, sometimes better than any Netflix show or movie. I truly believe that getting away is a needed practice. Sometimes daily, sometimes multiple times a day. These shows cover an array of topics about dramas, short stories, human nature, love, heartbreak and comedy. It’s an all in one stop in finding some good story telling, porn podcast. OK, no porn involved. It just helps with audience numbers to sprinkle that word in your blog every now and then.

1. The Truth Podcast, hosted by Jonathan Mitchell. This show is seriously one of my favorites. When I first found them I binged listing for an entire weekend. Apparently I broke up with my girlfriend over that time but honestly, I don’t remember. The shows are not very long, 15-30 minutes. Some are pretty dark, some comical. But guaranteed that each one is engulfing. 

 2. This American Life was my first love. I’ve been a fan for over 3 years now and I must say, this show gets better with age. My only complaint is that they sometimes replay old shows. But they make up for it with their premiers. Its stories with reality. The recent “Cops See It Differently, Part 1-2” totally invoked some strong emotions. But that’s what these shows are about right? They stir you up within the safety of yourself. It’s not a TV show trying to stir up the pot. It’s your own views that make the emotions come out. 

 3. Answer Me This is a needed staple in anyone’s podcast library. This British show has been doing it for almost a decade now. I started about two years ago and I’m proud to say they haven’t lost their steam. OK, it did suck when they went from weekly to bi-weekly (Damn you Olly). And I understand that Helen has grown busier with her show, The Allusionist (Not on my list but definitely a notable mention). But I still miss my weekly dose. Thank you freaking Cadbury for the 8 years of back catalogs. The show has kept up the same routine and it works. Also, check out Martin-The Sound Mans band- Pretty Nice stuff. 

 4. This one I had to split between Serial and Invisibilia.
Serial is definitely a different type of show. The host, Sarah Koenig study’s a case, this particular one is over 14 years old, and she goes over the story with amazing detail, retelling the case bit by bit. I’m sure you heard about this show. It was old time detective show brilliance, reliving again. Cannot wait for season two!
Invisibilia is awesome. They explore different ideas of human behavior and instead of categorizing all the connections, they splatter it out everywhere. The different directions that emotions, ideas and actions take on, all from one main point. Amazing show. My only complaint is the season has already ended. Anxiously waiting for the next one. 

 5. This one is by far my favorite. Strangers, hosted by Lea Thau, is naked, gripping, honest and real. Lea incorporates a lot of her own pain and history into the show which makes it so much better. The “Love Hurts” series (1-4) were simply amazing. She’s isn’t afraid to come across as needy or egotistical and that’s why I love this show because we’ve all experienced that, especially going through a horrible breakup. We build ourselves up because we are so broken. But this show puts out there what we all hear in our heads. What we tell each other so we’re not alone. I could go on and on about this show. Oh yes, it’s not all about Leah’s break up of course. But her turmoil is what sucked me. Like I said, my favorite show. 

 All these shows are on iTunes or through Sound cloud. Please check them out and if you dig them, please give them a positive review on ITunes. A lot of these shows are made with the blood sweat and tears of the producers, host with very little profit. Maybe that’s what makes these shows so amazing. They’re products of love and passions. They definitely come across that way to me when I’m listening to them.

Two Painters.

This is a short story about two painters who weren’t painters at all. They were actually nothing more than two men with very little skills sets.

As youngsters they would try to think of elaborate schemes in which they would make lots of money. Of course these schemes never worked, as any scheme thought up by 7 year old tend to crumble. That still didn’t stop them from trying again.

As young adults they always worked together. Taking jobs where they could work close by. One had a passion for money and was always in charge of their joint bank account. The other was more hands on and enjoyed physical, hard work.

One afternoon, as the sun shined through the city after a lengthy and harsh storm. One of the men had an idea.


After every storm they would see an influx of painters going through the city, applying a fresh coat over the wind and rain beaten houses and signs.

With little thought they both quit their jobs and decided to become painters.

After a successful moment of design, they came up with the perfect ad.

Two guy painters.

We paint so you don’t have to.

The signs went up immediately.

As soon as the first flyer went up that they started to receive calls.

A parking lot.

Sounds simple enough

Thirty five lines with 10.5 feet between each line and each coming out 16 feet in length.

Sounds simple enough.

The next day they arrived with all their equipment and to an empty parking lot..

Apparently one of the men, getting ahead of himself, after painting several lines successfully, decided to wing one of the lines without a stencil and came out almost double the needed length. So to fix the error, the other one thought of the idea of making the lines go all the way across, meeting in the middle of the lot. Well, after completing one line all the other seemed very short and odd. So they decided to make every line come out across to each other.

 By the end the day, the entire parking lot was filled with diagrams and lines.

Sadly, the public was not ready for the two painters advance imagination and several fender benders were reported.

When asked by the parking lot owner if they were licensed and insured. They answered back,” Of course. But neither one of us were driving that day”.


1:21 am

I’m up.

Not really sure why I’m up but then again, if I knew why I was up I probably would ignore needing to be up and I would go back to bed. So I’m up

What do people do at 1am?

I imagine that if I lived in a major city, I would take off and explore the nightlife. L.A., New York, Las Vegas. But sadly here in Albuquerque the only midnight exploration going on in an early Monday morning is at the local IHOP or Village Inn.

Maybe I should go Ghost hunting?  (Suddenly realized that I’m the only one awake and home. Moving on to other thoughts)

Amazon Prime sounds good. I started watching Broad City. Good way to spend an early, sleepless morning. The show makes me want to smoke week though. I don’t smoke which makes it odd. And I’m not in my 20’s so why do I watch it? Ah yes, I have a thing for Abbi Jacobson. I wonder if she’s been on anything else?

I’m hungry.

Maybe I should eat something? Pizza sounds good. So does coffee. Hell, I might as well stay up and make myself an omelet. Hook it up Food Network style. Pancakes with blueberries and bananas. Actually, I’m not hungry.

Check out some Podcast? Catch up the latest news? But if I listen to the news now, what the hell will I listen to during my morning run? Working out- Yes! I should totally lift weights. But then I’ll get all sweaty and I’ll need to shower before bed. Too much work.

So I’m up and it’s barely 1:30am. How do nurses and cops do it. They probably do each other to stay awake. Crap. I just realized I said that and my ex-wife is a nurse and her husband is a cop. I guess it’s a proven fact. Yup, I’m proving facts at 2am. Man, that comment about my ex and her husband sounded weird. Maybe I should see a therapist about past relationship issues. Or I’ll just drink some almond milk.

Maybe I’ll head out to Wal-Mart? No. That’s a fucking horrible idea.

Screw it. Off to watch porn.

Night world.

Wasting time.

It’s been a while since I’ve written. It’s not for a lack of ideas or trying, I assure you. I guess my personal life has been affecting it. I’m in an interesting spot. I’ll explain.
My time is allot more open.
Normally my week is filled with work and my daughter. As of the past few months (previous post) my daughter has been more connected and needy for her mom. So it’s been about 4 weeks since she last spent the night leaving me with a big gap. Also, I recently sold my business and I was hired on with a new company. So I’m currently in the transition phase. In simpler words. I’m bored.
In between jobs and distractions.
Boredom is my enemy.
I’m a Chicano with two weeks of nothing to do.
I’ve washed clothes, washed the car, organize my room, done errands, watched all the shows I’ve missed before on Netflix. Rented so many movies. Taken so many day trips.
I may have time but I can’t go crazy on my savings. I expected to use a little cash but at the rate I’m going, boredom is pushing me further than I wanted.
One day last week I actually contemplated buying a model plane. Yes, that bored.
Even thought about taking up ice skating. That idea should of felt so wrong to think of but it didn’t. That scares me.
I’m from L.A. and the only ice I should be ok with is the kind that keeps my ice tea cold. I don’t ice skate.
I’ve even grown so bored that in my madness of circling, swirling boredom, I signed up to run a 5k. I know, I know, What Hell Was I Thinking!
In truth my daughter is doing it and she asked me to join in. So honestly I couldn’t resist.
I don’t run.
I hate running.
I hate runners.
If I was walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night and something started to chase me. I would turn around, and after gathering a clear idea of what it was, I would decide if I should even attempt to run. I mean seriously, if I had no chance, why die all sweaty?
This is my mentality and now I’m supposed to run 3 miles? Non stop.
That’s what’s expected after dropping into DEFCON 4 of boredom.
Honestly though, with my daughter growing up, if she would of asked me to take her Sunday dress shopping for 4 hours, I would of.
I’m the puppy in the middle of the night, yelping for attention. Yeah I know. But it’s just temporary. Maybe. Screw it, we’ll see.


My daughter running her daily miles with her puppy Elsa watching on.

An engineer’s love story. (Part 1 or 2)

He noticed her the first moment he saw her.

 She wore her long hair up in a messy bun that he seemed to adore.

She liked to use honey in her coffee, he realized one day when he had walked in after she used the container in the break room. She probably didn’t know that it used to belong to an ex researcher who was no longer with the company. That bottle of honey had been there for more than a few months.

   So the next day he passed by the grocery store and purchased 5 brand new bottles. Leaving a fresh one opened and ready for her with a note stating, “Enjoy”. He would do things like this. All silent and hidden but all for her.

   She saw him come in to the break room and suddenly she felt her face grow red.

“Was it his honey bottle? Gosh, I hope not” she thought to herself as he rushed out.

The next day when she walked into the break room she saw the honey with the note and smiled widely for the rest of the day. Her coffee and tea tasted extra sweet that day.

He wanted to ask her out for the evening but couldn’t figure out how. He would daydream, fantasizing about how they would go out together, have an amazing time and kiss passionately at the end of the evening. But soon after being lost in the daydream he would snap out of it, remembering that his history with women hasn’t been very successful.

His hopes were pretty thin. But that didn’t stop him from enjoying the dream while it lasted. 

She waited in the break room for him. Just a few extra minutes longer than it would normally take to make her coffee or tea. Long enough for her anxiety to grow and make her feel odd for standing there for no real reason. She would make multiple cups of tea throughout the day, way more than she would normally drink, just to have an excuse to be in the break room a little longer. She never urinated so much before in her life. 

The day was February, 12th and he knew his perfect opportunity was dwindling. He had spent over two weeks dreaming up the perfect evening but he failed to complete the important task of inviting her on to the date. 

“What if she already has plans? Of course she does. She’s perfect!” he would think to himself.

But he knew that if he didn’t at least ask that he would hate himself for the rest of his professional life. 

So on his morning commute, he pepped himself up for the task.

He would ask her out for a Valentine’s Day dinner. 

His heart raced when he found the note attached to his computer monitor.

“Please see person in cubicle 23-A. She is reviewing the specs regarding “Station 25-ERA” and needs to confirm the total of technician to complete the process.”


“Your supervisor.”


It was sheer poetry.

“That was her station! That was her cubicle!! I have a reason to speak to her now!” he thought with a wide grin.


The pit of his stomach dropped two feet. He felt nauseous.