Currently under repairs.

I dated Sam for three months.

We met on one of those popular dating sites and instantly hit it off. We seemed to gel nicely and after a short time we decided to make it official by only seeing only each other. Three months later, exactly 3 months from our first date, its over.

Possible Red flags are constant during the first few months of dating someone. For some, they lower their guard right away, allowing themselves to trust the person fully. It works for some, horribly doesn’t for others. Its because of this reason that I acknowledge the red flags (I’m one of the latter ones sadly).

She’s an amazing woman, and I’m not on here to bash or spill any issues we might of shared that led to the breakup. It just didn’t progress. She was confronted with an option and she chose her way. I my own.

But this relationship, as all relationships should, taught me a lot about myself. It made clear that I’m still broken on some level from past issues. That I still need to be aware of my faults and negative tendencies. That I’m far from perfect.

So I start the repair cycle once again. Next time, if I should be so blessed, I hope the relationship could be a little bit more honest, on both parts. Pain could of been avoided but I guess that would of killed the ability to learn and grow.


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