The New Year it’s almost here and I’ve got nothing to wear.

I’m not a big New Year person.
It’s festive and there’s food, drinking and dancing. But for me it’s just like any other day except that your expected to stay up till midnight, consume lots of alcohol, act like a complete loon and kiss someone at the 12th strike. For many that’s a normal Friday night.
My room mate likes to throw a fancy dinner, invite 15 friends over, chit chat over crab legs and pop streamers when the new year rings in. Sounds delightful except that out of the fifteen, I’m only interested in chit chatting with maybe 4. My reason for attending is mostly the crab legs and the fact that I live there. Yeah, I know. Not very festive.
But this year it’s a bit different for me.
This is the first year that I’m actually dating someone during the widely celebrated holiday. So I have someone that I’m actually looking forward to kiss towards that moment of all moments. But honestly, I can kiss her at any hour, of any day and still feel that joy that many say they feel at midnight.
So what’s the hoopla all about then?
I’m not a fan of the”The Ball drop”, crowds irritate me, I’m good after 2 beers, I can over eat any night of the week, not big on streamers and who cares about making resolutions.
Maybe I’m a new years grinch but the whole night seems to celebrate what we really should be celebrating every night. Life doesn’t end at midnight and babies aren’t massively born on January 1st.
I guess what I’m ranting on about is that every day should be a celebration because the next day, be it December 29th or January 5th, could be our last.
Anyways, guess I’ll go start that gym membership since my diet starts tomorrow.



A Writer’s Days Before Christmas

I had to share just because brilliant!

Abby Has Issues

Since most of you aren’t on the Internet this week and my brain is fried, I decided to write you a poem instead. 

(Clears throat, dims the lights and takes a sip of her holiday tea.)


‘Twas the days before Christmas, and all through my place.

Not an idea was stirring to share on this space.

My stocking was hung by the chimney with care,

(Which meant there would be no more dusting right there.)

And then there was me, wearing what I wear best.

Yoga pants, sweatshirt, well you know the rest.

When out from the driveway, I heard something clatter,

And turned to the window to tend to the matter.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

But a Lexus that made me ask, “Who the heck’s here?”

The lost-looking driver sped off in a fit,

And I knew those commercials were still full of…

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Just a heads.

Sorry I’ve been absent the last month. Its been one of those months with a lot of changes. Life has seemed to have grown a lil complicated as of late. But I’m hoping to upload a few adventures in the next few days. Its amazing how writing can become therapy for those rough days (and I certainly need therapy).

Its been a rollercoaster ride filled with many highs and lows. I hope to see the end of the ride very soon because I’m really starting to get freaking nauseas from it.

Lovingly yours


The things parents do for their kids.

About a month ago I decided to upgrade to a new laptop. I passed on my old one to my 9year old daughter. She use its to watch Minecraft videos on YouTube and watch Netflix. It wasn’t anything special.  A 2 year old $250 laptop from Wal-Mart so it was coming to the end of its capabilities.

And what I purchased was a HP x360 TouchSmart (insert angels singing here) beatsaudio, wonderful, amazing laptop.

After looking around for a few days this was the one I fell for, and I fell hard. It switched to a huge tablet but with full computer capabilities, had all these new tabs that did stuff. And it was touch screen! I could swipe, zoom or X out of anything! It was perfect and new and so freaking cool. I was in bliss.

But after a few days I started to rethink my purchase. Did I really need so much? It was really cool but did I need all the bells and whistles (and this thing certainly has a lot of that)? I was ok with my previous $250 laptop for what I needed to do. I was satisfied. But after getting a new my job I decided to splurge. Now I think I went over board.

December is a hard time for everyone. Gifts plus road trips or traveling and on top of that your usual stack of bills.

So today I’m taking the pretty new sport- laptop back to Best Buy and doing something better with the money.  I think its time my daughter experiences Disneyland during the holiday season.

I may have to settle for a cheaper. non-touch screen- non-beatsaudio, non-changing into an awesome tablet, Wal-Mart laptop but in the end my daughter will come away with an awesome childhood memory of when dad took her to Disneyland during Xmas time. Maybe I can figure out a way to start making money with this writing thing and then I can justify a newer, fancier laptop? Hmmmmm.