Online Dating.

Nothing is more confusing,  more contradicting than the world of online dating.
   The premise sounds simple.
1. Shop through a selection of photos till you find someone that your attracted to.
2. Read their profile, learning more about them and your possible shared interest.
3. Make contact.

Simple in theory. But impossible in reality.
1. People lie. 
The profile isn’t an extension of the person. It’s a constructed persona, excluded of traits and (what they may see) their bad habits. In other words they’ve produced a political ad for themselves. It’s sad because those bad habits are what makes the person unique. So already,  the lies have started.
2. Pictures lie too.
Taken years ago, with added instagram effects, the pictures show a flattering image. Not the reality of over make up, a mucsle chest that was five years before, or the wrinkles of a bad previous relationship. Those scars, bellies, lack of hair, new hair, all make the person who they are now.
Honesty, plain and simple, create the relationship.
Lies, plain and simple, no matter how you may try to change it, no matter the size, it’s still a lie.


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