My mom had a Honda Accord.

She had a 88 Honda Accord that my brother convinced we needed to paint cherry red. My brother loved this car. He wasn’t licensed but my mom would let us take off for a few hours at a time on the weekends. This is regarding one of those nights. Los Angeles was a different place in 1991. The rave scene was everywhere. Construction vest, Mickey Mouse gloves and glow sticks. Remember Rozalla? I was 16 then. I was young and with very little responsibilities. Life was good.
So we had been in Pico Rivera all night and it was coming up on 2 am. I don’t remember having a curfew but last thing we wanted was to be in trouble with mom. We needed the car for our basketball game for later Sunday afternoon. Driving through South Gate is pretty calm after 1 am. Not much traffic, mostly residential. We lived in Compton but grew up on Tenaya Ave till a few months prior when my parents wanted to be home owners. We still took the scenic route through the old neighborhood whenever we were heading home from a night of partying.
I don’t know what South Gate is like now (been ages since I’ve been back) but back then we had gangsters (of course)but they kept to themselves as we kept to ourselves. Every once in a while you would hear about real bad areas where trouble just started without reason but they were rare back then (at least to my 16-year-old ears). I saw stuff but it was a part of life. Just like there were certain clothing you didn’t wear in certain areas. Just didn’t do it.
Anyways, we were driving up to Tweedy Blvd. on California Ave. We usually go down till we get to Tenaya ave and then turn down (going down the old neighborhood) till Long Beach Blvd where we would take the big streets to Compton. And this evening the roads were dead except for a little cholo wearing Dickie shorts and a muscle t-shirt.
It was after 1 am and it was around 60 degrees. L.A. doesn’t really get cold in the summer. Just enough to demand a sweater or jacket. This night was cool enough for a jacket. So my brother takes out his gun.
It was a water gun. The kind that could shoot water up to 1500 feet. During the summer my brother had started a pretty sick hobby. We would drive around different, nicer neighborhoods and shoot up unsuspecting victims with his water guns. I participated a few times but guilt got the better of me. My brother however liked it so much that he always carried a filled gun around whenever we left the house.
So we noticed him while stopped at a red light. He stood out with it being cool and being the only one out besides us. He was walking down on my side about to cross Tweedy Blvd. My brother started to pump the water gun and roll down his window. I just ignored it. I was tired from our evenings exploits and just wanted to go home. As he started to cross my brother turned down Tweedy and pulled the gun out on his side spraying the guy. After a second my brother sped off laughing until he noticed the guy was chasing us.
So looking to make it more fun, my brother gets the idea to turn down the residential area. Hoping to lose the guy on the side streets. The guy was right behind us. 2 block’s later the guy was still right behind us. He was running like a track star with his hands open and flat going up and down his sides. Face was pissed, but just breathing steady. I remember looking back and seeing his face and being maybe a car length behind us. My brother was already going at least 40 (all residential area) but this guy was right on our ass!
South Gate has very small street’s. Usually too small for a car to pass another car with cars already parked on the side of the road. Thankfully the streets were empty because if there was another car we would have had this cholo to deal with along with any traffic around us.
We get to State St. and the guy is still there.
We haul down to Long Beach Blvd where we finally lose the guy. He stayed with us all the way till Long Beach Blvd and only fell back maybe a few car lengths behind us the whole time. Seriously one of the stupidest things we’ve ever done. But Damn we boasted about that to all our friends for years.